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Set Personal Goals after a Stroke

Posted by on Jun.17.2017 in Emergency

After Her Stroke: Mae Set Personal Goals When Mae Delmore set her goal of getting more exercise and lose weight, her doctor told her to keep it realistic, and find an “exercise buddy.’ Mae asked her sister to be her partner. Then Mae asked people in her Aphasic Club their experience about setting goals. One […]

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Medical Conditions That Increase Stroke Risk

Posted by on May.18.2017 in Emergency

Medical Conditions That Increase Stroke Risk ▪   Previous stroke or “mini-stroke” (transient ischemic attack, TIA). ▪   Hypertension, leading risks for heart disease and stroke. ▪   Diabetes. High blood sugar can increase risk. ▪   Heart disease. Did You Know              Controllable risk factors and lifestyle choices ▪    Smoking. ▪    Tobacco use is a major preventable risk factor for stroke and heart […]

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