Home Care

Posted by on 1.18.18 in Home Care

Consider buying a school notebook, or loose-leaf book or use your computer to arrange information any way that makes it easiest for you to use.

Perhaps list subjects– medications, physical therapy, speech, diet, notes from doctor’s visits.List names, phone numbers, addresses. Place a list in the binder, download it. Keep it handy up on refrigerator door. Include doctors, therapists, home-care aides, family, and neighbors.

Fill in Emergency Information Station, if possible, download it.Save bills in loose-leaf binder. Organize into two categories: Paid and Unpaid. Keep receipts from health-care-related purchases, contracts from home-care agencies and papers worthwhile saving for your records. insurance, tax purposes. Get FREE 5 TOOLKITS to create a daily schedule; organize medications; keep track of helpers, record exercise, blood pressure

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