Organizations of Interest


Best adaptable product information – English/Spanish

800-227-0216, 703-992-8313 (TTY) Products to ease living.


Community Living Information


Centers for Independent Living


National Rehabilitation Information Center

Leading disability-related information.  English/Spanish.

800/346-2742, 301/459-5984 (TTY)


National Aphasia Association

Find support/aphasia programs. English/Spanish



American Stroke Association

1-888-4-STROKE 1-888-478-7653

Learn CPR – Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese


Getting Organized

  • Consider using a notebook, cell phone or computer –whatever works for you with subjects – medications, physical therapy, speech, doctors, therapists’ notes.
  • Keep handy names, phones, addresses of doctors, therapists, helpers, family, neighbors.
  • Save bills: Paid and Unpaid, receipts health-care-related purchases, papers for insurance. tax purposes.