Bedroom Safety  

Posted by on 1.8.18 in Safety


  • Avoid injury by eliminating obstacles: Rearrange furniture, hide wires to avoid tripping over them. Remove area rugs.
  • Try different heights for easiest, safest transferring. A high bed is easier to sit down and stand up from edge without help. One too low places a strain on the back of helpers changing your position or during transfers.

When transferring, lock wheels, or place bed against wall.

  • If mattress is too soft: Have plywood placed between mattress and box spring will help make lifting yourself more easily to a sitting position,
  • A wedge pillow can support your back when sitting up.
  • Pillows can support an arm or shoulder to maintain proper body alignment.

More about: Proper positioning. >


  • Arrange clothing to be easily reached. Wire adjustable shelves from are ready to install to any height.

Add-on baskets replace dressers, increase storage space.

  • Go to for a list of manufacturers of 50,000 adaptable products!
  • Replace hardware: Levers are easier to manage than a round knob.
  • If a dresser drawers is difficult to open and close loop a cord around knobs for easy pulling.
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