Home Accessibility

Posted by on 1.8.18 in Safety

 Doors, Thresholds, Hallways

  • Doors need to be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Door openings should be 32 inches clear or more to provide enough room to clear entrance without harm to arms.
  • If width is 29 inches, arms must be kept inside chair while someone assists pushing chair through.
  • A device available for some non-motorized wheelchairs reduce width to clear narrow doors.
  • For added space, remove molding or change hinges.
  • Thresholds higher than one-half-inch are barriers for wheelchair users and someone using a cane. Most 
thresholds can be entirely removed or beveled.
  • A
 wedge-shaped piece of wood attached to threshold, nailed down securely, and covered with a rubber mat makes threshold safer.

Hallways need to be wide enough to maneuver a wheelchair.

  • Hallways at least 42 inches, 48 to 60 inches wide gives wheelchair user 
clearance to get into each room.



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