The Elephant in the Room

  • We leave the hospital ‘quicker and sicker’ – within a week after a stroke. Without information to handle home nursing care, and continue physical and speech therapy.
  • 5 million, return to hospitalswithin 30 days of discharge. Falls are #1 injury. Families receive no safety information.
  • Medicare benefits to cover both physical and speech therapy last less than a few Professionals charge about $150 a session – beyond the reach of most families, worldwide. Life-long rehabilitation must continue, at home.
  • More than half of all people who survive a stroke are challenged in talking; understanding what is said or seen. Without being able to communicate, feelings of isolation, depression, to be unemployable to work, that effects the quality of life for the whole family.
  • When a wage earner is unable to work, a partner takes that place; There is then a reversal in roles.
  • If a medication is not covered by insurance, the costof hundredsof dollarschips away at life savings.
  • Younger people, ‘Sandwiched Inⓒ’ caught between caring for their kids, aging parents, increasingly hold a job.

From APP: Caring for a Parent. English/Spanish

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